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10 Simple Tips to Make the Green Switch at Home

We list a few simple things you can do to help reduce your environmental footprint, save money, and live a healthier life.

1. Going shopping? Don’t forget to BYOB. Bags, not booze! With some store now charging for bags, this is good thinking.

2. Buy fruit and vegetables that are in season to help cut transport costs (owing to import of produce). Try and buy locally produced food.

3. Keep your curtains open and delay turning on the lights for as long as you can. Turn off lights when you leave a room.

4. Make space for an herb garden.  If you don’t have a verandah or terrace, plunk them in small planters on the kitchen window.

5. Go natural as far as you can. DIY cleaners do the same work as store-bought ones and don’t have any adverse effects on the environment. Scour the Internet for ideas.

6. Curb the use of paper in the kitchen. Use cloth to clean instead of paper towels, and replace paper napkins with cloth ones.

7. You don’t need to trash all your garbage. Create a home-made compost bin (learn how at for the best kind of fertiliser.

8. Water the garden early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce water loss due to evaporation. Don’t over water; the soil should be moist, not soggy.

9. Lower the temperature on your hot water geyser. Do your laundry in cold water; use hot only if your clothes are filthy. About 85 per cent of the energy used to machine-wash clothes goes to heating the water. Line dry your clothes.

10. Plug your appliances into a power strip. Switch off every night regularly to prevent phantom electrical draw.

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