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10 Tips to Wake Up with More Energy Every Morning

Does your weekend begin with a bang and end with a whimper? Keep your energy level as high as you can – every Monday morning – with these tips:

1. Start right by drinking water before you go to sleep. This will cause you to need to use the bathroom in the morning and you’ll be forced to be up.

2. Set your alarm clock to play music you like. This will ensure that you don’t feel like hitting the snooze button as soon as you hear the alarm begins to go off.

3. Drink up a tall glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning. Doctors say that most of us wake up dehydrated, which may affect thinking processes and muscle contractions.

4. You may like your coffee in the a.m. but a recent study shows that drinking caffeinated tea without milk or sugar provided the best perceived performance through the day.

5. Pump up the volume and listen to an upbeat song. Research from Brunel University London shows that the more closely a song’s beats per minute matches your heart rate, the more motivating it is.

6. Chomp down on some healthy snacks first thing in the morning. An apple and some almonds, yogurt and banana, a strawberry milkshake, muesli and fruit yogurt – give your body the right start and fuel up for the day.

7. Get your body going and your endorphins flowing with some exercise. It could be running, weight training, or a class at the gym. Experts say exercise increases blood pressure and heart rate and activates the whole sympathetic nervous system.

8. If possible, schedule your exercise in the morning with a friend or work buddy. Peer accountability is one of the most effective motivators.

9. Set for a nice hot shower? A cool shower is better. If you’re up for it, a cold shower could increase levels of beta-endorphins and produce a sense of wellbeing. Use a peppermint body wash or shampoo to wake up faster.

10. If you’re still lacking energy, cheer yourself up with a small bar of dark chocolate. Epicatechin, the main flavonoid in dark chocolate, supposedly increases the number of energy-producing mitochondria in muscle cells. The optimal daily dose: a 5gm bit (about two regular postage stamps).

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