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10 Ways to Add Spice to Your Space in Rs. 1,000

By Sagar Datta

Designing a space on a big budget is a cakewalk. It’s when you have a low – or shall we say minimum – budget that a designer needs to think out of the box.

Here are some tips to spruce up any space in Rs. 1,000, the highest currency note available in India as of now!

1.  Spend on cushion covers – the quickest and cheapest way to update any space. There’s a huge collection available in brick-and-mortar stores and online. The best way to go about cushions is to use the 2-2-1 arrangement – the same cover on two pillows, another one on two pillows and one that stands out. Play with sizes and patterns to create visual impact and interest.

2. Download interesting and offbeat art off the Internet – it could be posters, reproductions of famous paintings or pop art. Get them framed and you’re all set for a brand new look.

3. Buy a can of paint and a brush and start off on a new project. Paint a wall a startling new shade to create an accent wall that’s a talking point.

4.  A photo display – in interesting frames – is one of my favorite ways to freshen up a room and add a personal touch. Choose a few frames that you like and fit into your budget. The photos can be changed every few months to grow with the family and refresh the space.


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5.  Buy bulk fabrics in different colours and textures. Sew in some tie-ups and string them up on your curtain rods for brand new DIY drapes.

6.  Bring in the outdoors and a whiff of fresh air by splurging on indoor plants and a few pretty planters. If you don’t want to buy planters, create your own with old tins or dabbas. For a creative mind, the sky is the limit.

7. Bring your beads and baubles out of hiding and display them on fancy ceramic jewellery holders. They add a punch of style and colour to your bedroom.

8.  Pick up a beanbag in a bright colour for some lazy seating in the lounge or living area.


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9. Throws are a common soft furnishing accessory. They are not just functional but add style, colour, pattern and keep you warm. Use *** to glam up your sofa or bed, or drape one on the dining table to create a runner-like feel.

10. Flowers are the simplest and easiest way to brighten up a home. They make any room bright, beautiful and inviting. Put them in a vase or a glass from your kitchen, and place anywhere.

Sagar Datta heads New Delhi-based design practice Casa Interio

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