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10 Ways to Make your Closet Clutter-Free

Your closet has much more space than you can notice. Find that ‘hidden’ space and make good use of it – it’s the key step to good housekeeping. Here are some tips will teach you how to accomplish this.

1. For starters, lower the topmost hanging bar in your closet and add some shelves in the space above it. Use these shelves to store things that you’ll normally toss here and there.

2. Use the normal storage areas in your closet for innovative purposes. For instance, place a trunk at the bottom and stock your clothes in it. Put a cushion on top of the trunk so that you have additional sitting place. When you shut your closet you can even stack a few things on the cushion.


3. A container will be handy to keep your sewing material, scissors, and extra buttons that are always difficult to find when you need them! You won’t have to use your teeth to remove the tags from new clothes or run around searching for the right button.

4. Make use of bins to hide items that keep on piling up as time goes by. Use two or three bins. You can choose identical bins or different ones.


5. A couple of hangers in your closet and some binder rings will do very nicely for your scarves. Twist the scarves around precisely like they do in the shop windows – they will make your closet look cool!

6. You have so many pair of shoes that they’re lying in every room. Why not store them in a hangup plastic container in your closet? Not only will they be easily accessible, they will make your home much neater.


7. If you wish to, install lights in your closet. This will help you to get what you want in the dark without tearing the entire cupboard apart.

8. For skirts, look for a multi-tiered hanger. It’s perfect to put away the many skirts that you wear only occasionally. Make sure you buy a sturdy one that will last many years.


9. To put away a single skirt, select a hanger with clips and rubber grips. This works best for small closets.

10. Give your closet a personal touch. You can do this by sticking (or using frames) photos of your family members, especially your kids. Toys, dolls and other bric-a-brac will put a smile on your face each time you open your closet.


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