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10 Ways to Unplug this Sunday

The day of the Sun, Sunday, is meant to be a day of rest and relaxation. Busy lifestyles make this almost impossible, with most of us scheduling things to do on this day. You may be busy as hell, but why not set aside Sunday to do as you please? To unplug, unwind and recharge? We tell you how.

1. Get some exercise. Get up at your regular time instead of calling it a late morning, lace up your sneakers and go for a walk/jog. Don’t forget to leave your cellphone at home – you’re going for a walk, not to talk!

2. Plan a spa day. Call in your neighborhood maalishwali, enjoy a massage, and follow it up with a long hot soak or a luxurious shower. A mimosa would be a good companion!

3. Forego breakfast and forget about lunch. Cook up a luxurious brunch. Chopping and cleaning are a good way to unwind, and putting together a great meal the perfect way to enjoy some quality time with the family.

4. You may be at home, with family and friends, but are you really with them? Make an effort to be present and there. Switch off the gadgets and take this time to bond.

5. Come afternoon, head for the bed and take a nice short nap. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to do more in the evening instead of being a crabby monster.

6. Scour the Internet for a family craft project. Paint canvas sneakers with fabric paint pens, string beads into jewellery, tack on lace to boring handkerchiefs, decorate pouches, make fancy envelopes, practice origami, or just make a photo journal.

7. If you’re keen on adding to your repertoire, sign up for a weekend class in whatever you’ve been keen to learn but haven’t so far. Pottery, painting, quilling, dance, embroidery – go on, make your choice.

8. Make a Sunday project of going out for lunch. Choose an exotic cuisine (Greek, Portuguese or Thai), and try to learn as much as you can about the country. Help children find it on a map, read up on its heritage and history, look at photographs of its people and culture, and zero in on must-try food items. Then head for a speciality restaurant and gorge on the cuisine.

9. Which home doesn’t have a space that’s a clutter trap? Pick a space that’s specially neglected and devote a couple of hours to it. Organising the clutter and chaos will make you feel calmer.

10. Savour the pleasure that comes from doing nothing. Whiling away time is important—it fires the imagination. It may seem like a waste of time, but you’re actually doing important things—thinking random thoughts, connecting the dots, and changing perspectives.

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