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11 Hacks That Will Bring About a Revolootion in the Bathroom

Give the dated and dingy bathroom a glam new look with these 11 nifty ideas:

1.      Clean up the counter

Nothing says outmoded as much as a messy counter does. Remove all those toiletries and bottles from the counter. Less is more!

2.      Prettify the counter

Now that the counter is clean, put a couple of pieces on it. A potted plant, a colourful bottle, a bowl to corral your daily stuff and the handwash soap in an attractive bottle – that’s all you need!

3.      Wake up your mirror

Toss the regular plastic-framed mirror out; it doesn’t belong in your bathroom. Get a wood-framed mirror and paint the frame a bright colour. Or add elegance by painting it gold or silver.

4.      Add a piece of art

The bathroom is a place where you spend quite a bit of time, so ensure that it’s easy on the eye. Choose a wall that’s the farthest from the shower and hang a frame that you love.

5.      Lay down a rug

Cloth doesn’t work, we know, but what stops you from creating a bespoke vinyl rug. Just get a piece of linoleum cut to size, buy a stencil and bring out the paints. 

6.      Make space for plants

Even if your bathroom doesn’t have the space for pots, you can still sneak in some greenery. Just hang a coloured bottle filled with water from the shower rod and put in a money plant (Scindapsus aureus). Easy-peasy!

7.      Create an inviting ambience

Who decided that an ambience only matters in living areas? Create an ambience you’ll enjoy spending time in by investing in mood lighting, candles, pot pourri, incense – whatever your fancy is!

8.      Invest in a statement piece

Give your bathroom one décor detail that makes an impressive statement. It could be a striking chandelier, a gorgeous vanity , a mirrored wall or a bespoke closet.

9.      Make storage a part of the décor

In a functional room, it always makes sense to merge form and function. Cubbies, bins, baskets, a tiered cupcake stand on the counter, a ladder for a towel-clothes hanger … there’s so much you can do.

10.  Add fun elements

A toilet paper roll with a stand, a colourful towel holder on the flush tank or hooks with painted frames around them add a fun vibe to what is usually a boring room.

11.  Use all the dead spaces

The space above the toilet is usually wasted. Get a custom-built shelf and style it to add charm to your bathroom. 

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