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11 Quick Ways to Give Your Staircase a New Look

That staircase running through your home isn’t just a way to go up and down. It can be an important design element that adds colour, visual interest and panache to your home. Style it right to ensure that it stays on-trend all year around.

1. Colour it bright. Paint each riser a different colour or choose to stay with a family of colours to brighten up your home super-quick! For a variation, try keeping the risers neutral and painting the treads.


2. Paint stripes. Stripes in any patterns – chevron or straight – add colour and character. If you’re painting the tread, keep the riser blank. And vice versa.


3. Tile it. Remember Charlie’s home in Two and a Half Men? Be it handmade, hand-painted or digitally printed, tiles on the riser can create a brand new look.


4. Go for mosaic. Apart from bigger tiles, try using stucco tiles to create a busy effect. These tiles are available in a variety of colours. Explore the metallic tiles to add shine.


5. Add a quote. Pretty decals that literally make a statement can elevate your staircase to a work of art. Decals are available at home and craft stores.


6. Wallpaper it. Leftover wallpaper can be used to convert a staircase into an eye-catching design element. Simply cut it the right size and paste it according to instructions. Mix and match for visual interest.


7. Pretty patterns. Patterned craft or washi tape can be used to create geometric patterns that draw attention. It’s quick, simple and can be changed when you’re no longer in the tape mood.


8. Display differently. Showcase your collections – be it baskets, planters, bottles, dolls or magazines – on each step to add visual interest and provide colourful stimulation.


9. Light up. Add interest to the banister by adding some lighting – a string of fairy lights, a collection of candles, or a couple of lamps on the landing. The right lighting can create a warm and cosy ambience.


10. R for railing. Create a railing with a difference. Glass bricks, rope banister, building blocks, books – they can all be used to add colour and character to the staircase.


11. Green haven. Turn your stairway into a garden of sorts by plonking a potted plant on each step. Use co-ordinated planters – ceramic, metal or wood – to create a design element.


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