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11 Ways to Put Fun in the Family Room

Put fun at the forefront of your family room with these fantastic features.

1. Create an adventurous vibe at home by exploring a huge map – as big as a wall – as a standout décor element. Add a family theme by making it into a “travel map” – mark off places that you’ve already visited (with a couple of pictures) and focus on spots that are on your to-do list.


2. Chalk and blackboard add up to hours of family fun. Do everyone a favour by making a small chalkboard wall a part of the space. Doodles, scribbles, notes, math, alphabet, there’s lots that you can do with this element.

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3. A family photo wall adds interest, colour and personality to the room. Make it project and go back for everyone’s photos – from childhood to present day – to create this special collage. You’ll capture a timeline in everyone’s life and create individualised wall art that’s a sure-fire conversation starter.

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4. A window seat with storage is a great feature to have in any room, particularly a family-centred one. It provides you with a wonderful haven which you can slink into and be on your own, even as you remain amid family. A home within a home, what?

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5. How about incorporating an exceptional kid play area? A train or lego table? Or a carom board mounted on legs? Place a few low poufs alongside and join your children for a few hours of fun without screens.

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6. A slideout desk is a great idea. It’s compact, space-saving and efficient. The work surface is ideal for doing dedicated stuff – puzzles, beading or others. And when you’re done (or not), simply slide the desk in place to pick up where you left off the next day.


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7. The family that reads together grows together. Make reading a part of your daily sked by transforming a small area or niche into a nook. Or else, make a statement by creating a book wall – it looks good and your children will continue a love affair (with books!) you never want them to end.

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8. How about putting together a family wall of fame? Bring together a collection of art/crafts done by each family member. Paintings, embroidery, sketches, button art – every member must contribute something that they feel exemplifies their attitude to art.

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9. Why are sandboxes so much fun? Get the fun home with a customised sandbox built according to the specs of your family room. The children will love it – no more complaints of rainy days – but you will be pleasantly surprised at how creative you can get with a few fistfuls of sand!

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10. If your family room opens out into a small terrace or a verandah, you just hit gold. The impending monsoon is the perfect time to transform this open space into a lush green paradise where everyone has a stake. Allot pots and plants (of their choosing) to each member of the family. And enjoy them grow.


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11. If you’re into craft and want your children to follow in your footsteps, set the stage for it with a craft nook. An island-like table or desk offers plenty of workspace and storage options. Keep shelves well-stocked with creative project supplies, be it paint, beads, glue or paper.


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