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12 Tips to Make You a Morning Person

You may not be a morning person, but you sure know the benefits of rising early. Arrange your home and routine to ensure that you have an energetic morning.

1. Create the right setting to ensure proper rest and energized wakefulness. Experts suggest yellow, green and orange to boost energy and concentration.

2. If your mattress and pillow are not right, you’ll be sure to sleep badly and wake up tired. Invest in good sleeping equipment – a mattress and pillow that support your body well in supine position.

3. Banish the TV from the bedroom. It’s a sure-shot way to ensure you don’t spend hours catching reruns (and that means a good night’s rest), and that you don’t turn it on to know what’s happening. You don’t need it, simple.

4. Allow natural light to enter your room in the a.m. Let there be a chink in the drapes, move the bed in front of the window, or ask your maid to open the curtains when she comes in. Some natural light translates into a sunnier disposition.

5. Make it a habit to throw off your coverlet/dohar when you open your eyes. When there’s nothing to cuddle up in, chances are you won’t want to laze around.

6. If you can, in programmable kitchen appliances. Time your coffee maker to sync with your alarm clock, and the aromatic smell of coffee will keep you from hitting the snooze button.

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7. A wake-up playlist is a good idea. Try exchanging the traditional alarm clock with a new device. Peppy numbers are sure to put the spring in your step.

8. Along with all your morning chores, make sure you make your bed before you’re out of the bedroom. A room that’s neat and clean is a pleasure to return home to in the evening.

9. Take ten minutes out of the morning for you – whether it’s to do pranayama, sip a cup while perusing the papers in the verandah, or speaking to a friend abroad.

10. Do a brain exercise if possible. Sudoku or a crossword will kickstart your brain for the day.

11. Make time for a healthy breakfast. Plan a week ahead so that you’re never left to leave home with just a mug of java. Snack on almonds and other nuts to nourish your brain.

12. Switch your OJ for apple juice. Research has shown that AJ increases the production of the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain, resulting in an increased memory power.

And so, rise and shine, sunshine!

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