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14 Things to do with Leftover Fabric

Who doesn’t have bunches of fabric squirelled away for who-knows-when-I-may-need-it? We tell you how to get them out of the way in style.

1. Breathe new life into old seat cushions by wrapping them up in bright leftover fabric. Bonus: No stitching required.

2. Add fun and pops of colour to an old sofa. Cut up fabric ribbons and make pretty bows on cushions.

3. Frame a huge swathe of vibrant fabric (or section it off) – it’s art like none other.

fabric art

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4. An especially eye-catching piece of fabric can even be used like wallpaper. Pretty and unusual.

5. Use leftover fabric scraps of the same kind to decoupage an end table. End result? A drool-worthy piece.

6. Forget boring old soft boards. Cover cork boards with pretty fabric to create gorgeous memo boards.

fabric softboard

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7. Make over an old tray by putting a piece of striking fabric under a sheet of glass.

8. The neighborhood frame-wala can put your fabric scraps to good use and leave you with one-of-a-kind photo frames.

9. Glass cabinet doors are a dime a dozen; wooden ones are oh-so boring. Use fabric to cover glass cabinets and give them a brand new look.

10. Line a bookshelf with fabric backsplash to create an arty pop of colour between your books and displays.

fabric last

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11. Drawers that are dusty and dirty? No more after you line them with attractive fabric.

12. Dress up old porcelain sinks in the bathroom with a no-stitch fabric skirt. Helps hide storage, adds visual interest and looks pretty.

13. Revitalise old bottles with a crafty touch – scraps of fabric can turn them into never-seen-before vases.

14. Extremely small scraps can be turned into a fabric bunting. Pretty and perfect for birthday parties or a special occasion.

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