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15 Decor Secrets

By Rini Mukkath

Things you must know for a quick and easy home spruce-up. Guess what your designers didn’t tell you?

1. Neutralise: Use a solid colour to upholster your furniture. This gives an otherwise cluttered room the illusion of space.

2. Choose an accent piece: Invest in a single expensive and dramatic piece, like a chandelier. This will carry and hold together less expensive and statement-making elements in your de´cor.

3. Splash some colour: Paint boring shelves in different colours for stylish storage and an instant uplift.


4. Go casual: An informal look is more forgiving of stains and mess, and will stay fresh longer than a crisp, formal one.

5. Create niches: Build a seating area or place a bench next to large windows. By simply throwing in a couple of colourful cushions, you will have a nice, cosy spot where you can read and relax. Use the space under the window ledge to store books and other things for an efficient use of space.


6. Works with mirrors: Large framed or floor-to-ceiling mirrors along one wall of a room will add the illusion of space.

7. Attend to details: Small touches like table settings and flowers make more of a difference than you think!

8. Do it yourself: Spruce up a dull-looking wall in an afternoon with a stencil and paints in your favourite colours.


9. Coordinate: Stick to a colour combo, like an orange-white-green one, for a cohesive look (even the flowers match)! A white base allows great flexibility.

10. Change perception: Enhance the length of a room by hanging a series of artworks similar in size, shape, pattern and frame alongside each other. Increase the height of a room by hanging them vertically. This trick helps direct the viewers’ eyes.


11. Mix and match: Use a bench along one side of your dining table. This looks great and helps when you are entertaining a big group. Also, instead of using set furniture, try mixing pieces.

12. Space it: A little-known interiors design trick: ironically, placing your furniture away from the walls and closer together in the centre of the room actually makes a room look larger. The space behind the furniture pieces adds to the depth perception of the room.

13. Cut volume: Replace your thick velvet or chenille curtains with lightweight ones or sleek Roman blinds. Thick curtains take a lot of space and, if they are dark-coloured, reduce so much light that a room can look smaller and darker. Of course, choose a dark-coloured blind to reduce light and increase privacy in a bedroom.


14. Make changes: Revamp cabinets by changing the handles. Small changes will break familiarity and add newness.

15. Work with lights: Candles can cheaply and effortlessly change an ambience and mood. Use them liberally in and around your home.

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 Feature Courtesy: BBC Good Homes, UK
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