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15 Ways Small Spaces Can Create A Big Impact

Add interest and style to your good old home sweet home by following these 15 simple hacks. We bet you’ll love the difference they'll make to both your home and you!

1. Get started at the beginning by showing your front door some love. And an unusual colour!

2. Forget the usual accent wall colours and go for an inky blue hue to create impact. 

3. Or else, explore a brick-clad wall – it’s a sure-fire way to generate interest.

4. Nesting tables don’t always have to go one above the other. Style them – well - stylishly!

5. Corners don't have to be boring at all. Not anymore!

6. Dining sets don’t have to match. Do as Monica did on Friends!

7. String up a pendant light above the dining table to create a wonderful ambience. 

8. Don’t worry if you don’t have fresh flowers; pile up fresh fruits and veggies into a pretty bowl or container. 

9. Opt for a throw rug or dhurrie in a natural material to create a layered effect.

10. Old saris and dupattas are a treasure waiting to be explored when it comes to décor. Repurpose as cushion covers, pillow cases, throws or curtains. 

11. Pretty saris don’t even need to be stitched into drapes. Just twirl them around or hang from the rod and see the difference. 

12. Use lamps that are sculptural so that they work as pieces of art during the day. 

13. Give your room a new look and some texture by swapping door and furniture knobs.

14. Shift furniture between rooms. An armoire in one room could work well as a crafts closet in another!

15. Repurpose old bulbs to create a miniature garden in your balcony. 

So there you have it. Unlock the hidden ways to do up your home using the spaces you'd never explored earlier.

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