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15 Ways to Decorate your Home with Flowers

The ubiquitous urli bursting with marigold flowers is a given for Diwali but there’s lots more that you can do with flowers this festive season:

1. A floral wreath may not be traditional in this part of the world but it makes a pretty addition to the front door. A variation is a leaf wreath. Whatever you choose, nothing can be more inviting!


2. String up floral garlands everywhere you can – on chair backs, on picture frames, on curtain rods – or just let them hang at the doorway.


3. Create a gorgeous floral floating rangoli by tossing flowers, petals and floating candles. This setup looks prettier in a wide clear glass container.


4. Put single stems in shot glasses or glasses of different sizes to create an eye-catching grouping.


5. Bring out the china tucked away in your crockery cupboard and showcase your flower arrangements in teapots and milk jugs.


6. Items from the kitchen, be it muffin pans, spoon stands or trays, can be used to create a different floral display.


7. Ice cream dishes make wonderful holders for succulents. Use these instead of flowery centerpieces on a special occasion.


8. Flowers with broken stems or tiny florets can be shown off beautifully in egg cups.


9. Make your centerpiece the cynosure of all eyes but filling a vintage birdcage with flowers and greens.


10. Create a pookalam-style rangoli by using petals and flowers. This floral carpet makes a great addition to the entryway.


11. Make your flower arrangement a vignette by juxtaposing other pretty things alongside. Things to include can be candles, shells, accessories, artifacts and photos.


12. Don’t neglect the washrooms during the festive season. A bunch of blooms in a simple container can take it from drab to fab.


13. The kitchen may be too hot for a floral arrangement but you could place a floating floral rangoli in a corner here. If you’re going for a regular arrangement, ensure that it’s as far as possible from the gas/cooking range.


14. Old glass jars can be upscaled into beautiful vases. Try covering them with fabric or painting them (inside or outside) and put different flowers in them.


15. Use leaves to create an enchanting arrangement by placing them around the rangoli and putting tealight candles or diyas on them.


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