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16 Tips to Use Maps as Decor Elements

Create an adventurous vibe at home by exploring maps as décor elements. There’s a lot you can do with maps – we promise you stunning standout pieces.

Begin the journey at the front door. A glass and wood door benefits greatly by the addition of a map cut up to fit the panels – it adds style and privacy!


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2. Frame a cluster of maps to create a one-of-a-kind accent wall.


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3. Split a map among multiple frames. This is an especially good idea if you’re dealing with an old and worn map.


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4. Laminate maps – of states or countries – to create funky table mats. Ideal for a family with growing children.

map 3

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5. Use maps – the location is key – to frame photographs of special occasions. Adds a map-tastic detail!


6. Repurpose one half of an old globe as a lighting fixture.

map globe

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7. Put the other half to use as a funky bowl on your coffee table.

map globe1

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8. Decoupage an old stool or dresser with pages from an atlas.

map de

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9. Glue an an old map around a lamp shade frame for an adventurous vibe.



10. Show off a world map by turning it into a spunky memo board.

map memo

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11. Turn scarves or hankies with maps on them into cushion covers.

map cushion

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12. Create a collage of vintage maps on a flat table. Cover with a sheet of glass to keep them safe.


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13. Create shadow boxes – mementos of a recent vacation – with maps of that city//town affixed to the back of a box. Add some souvenirs to create a quirky displayable.

map shadow

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14. A large map – in a frame or a rolldown – can quirk up a home office like no other accessory for it works as a statement piece. Style and substance!

map home office

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15. Use a collection of globes in varying sizes and colours to add zing to a side table or chest of drawers.

map globes

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16. Use a decal to add visual interest to any wall – a dead wall in a stairway or an eye-catching one in the living room.

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