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3 Home Décor Trends to Try this Diwali

If you’re keen to give your home at least one update this festive season, we suggest you try one of these trends. The best part? They’re not going anywhere soon!

1. High-gloss paint. Up the glam factor in any room by giving your furniture or accessories a coat of high-gloss lacquer. The look is extremely on-trend and easy to achieve. Give neutrals the go-by and opt for bright colours. The high=gloss shine makes yellows, oranges and pinks look almost electric whereas green and blue transform into stimulating colours. Transform furniture or accessories into statement pieces!


2. A navy accent wall. Grey may finally be on its way out and is leaving the neutral tag for navy. Dark navy – so dark it’s almost dark grey or black – makes for the perfect accent wall. It’s dark, soothing and restful, and pairs extremely well with a range of other colours, be it pinks, creams, corals, greens or grays. Time you developed a case of the blues! Paint an entire wall and add bright accessories and accents for pops of colour.


3. Copper. Rose gold may be the metallic finish that’s caught everyone’s fancy but there’s no denying the timeless charm of copper. The metal has been a part and parcel of interior and home home décor for long – mostly as wires and piping – on account of its durability and propensity to conduct electricity. Use a shiny finish with simple sleek lines for a formal ambience; combine unfinished and matte copper with rustic elements for a shabby chic look.


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