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3 Must-Have Plants in your Garden!

Plants That Are Absolute Must-Haves For Your Garden

A garden helps cheer up and enliven your home, however choosing the right plants is a crucial decision determined by the time and money you can invest in your garden. Here are few plant groups that will give your garden a unique appeal—be it whichever season, whatever rhyme or reason! So come on, buckle up, and activate your green thumb to give your garden a creative touch!

Pretty Perennials

Perennials are great bets for beginners. They are easily available, and low-maintenance! They can be planted in pots, or in beautifully synchronised flower beds to add a regal touch to your home in the bloom season! Mix-and-match some phlox, pansies, asters, or peonies with annuals for a coordinated feel. They are not fussy, do not wither, and make a comeback every year. If you love Nature, perennials are here to stay in your garden!

Ferns Forever

Ferns have elegance and sophistication written all over them! They can be grown round the year, and most of them can withstand a wide variation in temperature. They are hardy and resilient, thereby being easy to maintain. A fern garden will require little attention apart from watering during a dry period, making them ideal options if you have a hectic schedule. Ferns are forgiving, have a strong survival instinct, and grow well in rich, well-drained soil. If your garden offers these conditions, opting for ferns is a no-brainer!

Cacti And Succulents

Succulents and cacti with their unique looks and unusual shapes, add an element of whimsicality to your garden! Do not let their exotic look fool you, they are non-fussy! They thrive in difficult conditions, requiring just the right kind of light, soil, and occasional watering. Look for brightly coloured cacti, and make sure you space them out with their green cousins for balance! Be creative in your design, and make a cacti island that becomes the cynosure of your garden.

Use this guide to choose what suits your taste and needs to give your garden a dose of creative splendour. Enjoy the natural beauty, as well as flaunt your creativity with these plants in your garden!

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