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4 Ideas to Use Recycled Products to Create a New Couch

Trendy Recycled Couches To Jazz Up Your Home

Love to hoard memories, don’t you? If you don’t want to get rid of your sentimental everyday things, use them up. Revamp your sitting space with snug, swanky couches from recycled products lying around at home. Make up trendy, chic couches with all re-purposed materials to jazz up your décor. Gear up and get crafty with these amazing ideas for couch innovations that you simply cannot resist!

Fridge Couch

Don’t dispose off your outdated single-door refrigerator! Transform it instead unique couch furniture for your living space or study. Clear out the shelves, tack it on its side, and mould it your liking! Use stylish upholstery fabrics, or salvaged car seats and plush cushions. Pair it up with the freezer door as a side table, or new pieces of furniture for enhanced versions.

Bathtub Couch

A bathtub-couch pledges you undying relaxation and cosy comfort. Strike a contrasting appeal with your classic décor, as you drench it in bold neon coats of paint. Style with exotic patterned cushions and pillows, and let an imaginative backdrop or wall art give it an edge! Choose a claw-foot version for an uber-chic Victorian charm.

Crib Couch

Love the crib your kid grew up in? Well, now, you can hold on to it forever! Transform it into a day-bed or a sofa to add on a rustic charm and warm appeal. Toss in throw pillows to keep up with your tasteful décor. Deck up your patio, or adorn those stubborn empty corners of your home with adorable crib sofas. Relive your fondest memories every time you pass by.

Pallet Couch

Notch up the elegance of your interiors with oversized pallet couches. Place around these two, or three-seating pallet sofas in your living room for a personalised style statement. Opt for deep hues with classy neutral cushions, while psychedelic colours and funky cushions pair well with minimalist interiors! Let the pallets add character to your set-up, and speak your style.

Flaunt your extraordinary ingenuity with these cool recycled couches, and establish your creative streak with panache!

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