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5 DIY ideas to spice up the garden tree

Give a Classy Look to Your Garden Tree with these 5 DIY Ideas

Put on your creative hat and spice up your backyard garden tree with beautiful decorations. Feel close to nature with the garden benches and lights that will liven-up your outdoor area. You can add life and vibrancy to your garden tree with these DIY ideas that is sure to fetch you many complements from your neighbors and passer-by.

Make a Tree Bench Around the Tree

The most simplest DIY idea is to make a low height tree bench made from wooden planks around the circumference of the tree trunk. To make it more beautiful you can paint it with vibrant colours or spray art. This tree bench is perfect to spend your leisure time sipping coffee or reading books feeling close to nature.

Old Shoe Bird House

A garden tree without birds is incomplete. If you have worn out shoes that have no place in your shoe rack then make the scrap useful, make a birdhouse. Nail a wooden plank with the shoe on it and a canopy top to protect from excess heat, rain, and snow. Your shoe can be home to several birds.

A Bright and Beautiful Backyard

Illuminate your backyard with tiny lights spiraled around the tree trunk and the branches. yellow dim lights are the top notch choice to decorate your garden tree, but you can also opt for blue, green, white, red, and other such colour lights for a funky look. Cool breeze, a comfortable armchair, dim lights, and a cup of coffee is the perfect ambiance you need in your backyard.

Garden Tree Hammock

You need not go for a vacation outdoors when you have a beautiful setup in your backyard. All you need is a hammock to tie between two trees in your garden to spend your leisure time in luxury and close to nature. Spread a bedding in the hammock with a few cushioned pillows and get your favorite book, which makes up for a perfect day off from work. The tree lights ensure visibility and create a beautiful atmosphere.

Inculcate these top 5 simple DIY ideas to make your backyard a beautiful and classy living space. You spend a wonderful time relaxing in the backyard with these ideas.

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