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5 New Year Resolutions for Every Home

Come New Year, everyone’s in the mood for new beginnings. For every New Year brings with it the opportunity and possibility to make a new start. Who hasn’t listed out plan personal, family and work resolutions every year. In 2015, why not frame resolutions for the home? Decisions that will make and keep your home as the original home sweet home.

I will make my home safer.

A home has always been a sanctuary, and never more so than in these troubled times. Work to make your home safer – install what you deem fit, be it a video phone, door alarm or smoke detector, and ensure everything’s working well. Have a list of emergency phone numbers handy.

I will make the green switch.

Adopt energy-efficient practices to bring down electricity bills. Switch to CFLs (use four times less energy and last eight times longer) or consider dimmers (dimming a light by 10 per cent more than doubles an incandescent bulb’s life). Check the age and condition of each appliance and update periodically. Check all faucets and pipes for leaks, and fix all faucets with aerators – a low-flow faucet aerator can reduce tap water use between 25-50 per cent.


I will start something new.

A home is ever evolving and nothing makes it feel more “homey” than a new project. Be it redoing a new room as the family lounge, an old table as a decoupage desk, or wallpapering a few walls, keep things moving to breathe new life into old things. Or else, save up to buy a treat for your home – something you’ve always fancied but never allowed yourself to buy.

I will grow my own herbs.

Plant life has the ability to enliven any space, outdoors or indoors. Grow herbs in pots, be it on a sunny window ledge or in a verandah. Apart from prettifying up the place, you avoid stale supermarket produce and eat fresh.

I will kick clutter to the curb.

All of us begin the year promising ourselves that we’ll get on top of clutter, but never manage it. Make organization and cleaning up a team effort. A robust schedule, mapping out daily, weekly and monthly chores, works well and ensures that you rid your home of clutter and chaos. A nice gift each month to the person who stays on top of the schedule will help things along.

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