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5 Questions for Himika Lakhanpuria

Himika Lakhanpuria came up with her award-winning Hedge Chair when a beautiful lawn was blocked with a piece of furniture that was opaque. She immediately visualised transparent seating with bushes growing underneath so as to give the user a thrilling experience of “sitting on the H-edge.” The designer won the prestigious ‘A’ Design Award at Young Design Competition in Como, Italy, in March 2015.

hedge chair_3

What does design mean to you?

“If you can design one thing you can design anything.” Design to me is like problem solving. I feel design is an everyday thing, everything we do involves design in some way or the other. As a matter of fact, even writing letters is design.

A good design can help solve problems while a bad design can create problems. So it is very important to analyse and retrospect on the shortcomings before we actually finalise a design.

Is there any particular field of design that interests you most? Why?

Product design is one of my favorite subject because I see design in everything around us, every object we use is a product. I am fascinated to see the design process that is needed for a product to become successful.

Tell us about the Hedge Chair.

This chair was an attempt to eliminate the opaque furniture that at times spoils the beauty of a landscape. Here I have tried to make a seating furniture that will merge with the surrounding it is in. I tried many ways of doing this but it took me time to reach my “Eureka!” moment. I thought of a transparent chair and came up with the idea of designing a chair in glass.

But that was not enough. I wanted the glass chair to be a part of the landscape and what could be more appropriate than to have plant life growing in all the empty spaces of the chair. Hence the name the Hedge Chair, sitting on the H-edge. It was a long exercise and took intense thinking to make this concept into a design.

Joining of glass was a serious problem and it was essential to place the glass in such a way that a lot of open spaces were created for the hedge to grow with enough air and light.

What should homeowners consider when investing in a chair/sofa set?

I am seeing a continuing change in the design aspect where people are more concentrating more on looks than comfort. The markets are replete with all sorts of fancy furniture; most of them are very uncomfortable to sit on but often sell only for the shape and treatment given. I think that a good piece of furniture is one that is comfortable to use. So please invest in a chair or sofa that is good for your back, neck and knees.

Tell us about three trends you’re seeing in furniture.

Straight lines and minimalist furniture.

Mix-and-Match contemporary furniture.

Use of steel as a material.

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