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5 Questions: Jaya Javeri

Bangalore-based artist Jaya Javeri paints themes that lend themselves to perspective and space. She has a signature style – her paintings are bright, happy and positive. Each of her works gives a feeling of space and depth, a feeling of “walking into” the canvas.

What role do you think art plays in home decor?

Art breathes life into a home. Not only does it contribute to the aesthetics but it also lends a certain character to a space. Art creates an ambience and moods.

Are there any design rules when it comes to choosing artworks for home decor?

I think the main rule that applies while choosing an artwork is to pick art that you want to live with for a long time and which gives you happiness everyday just by looking at it!

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Do you have any tips on how homeowners can maximise their art displays? Any tips on how to hang/display it well?

Display of art is different in each home depending on the size of the wall , the position etc. It is also personal to the homeowner. It can be a single large piece of art positioned dramatically or a group of paintings displayed innovatively together. That said, paintings need to be displayed where there is no directly sunlight or moisture.

What should homeowners keep in mind when getting artworks – be it prints, canvases or posters – framed?

Framing again is a personal choice, and varies depending on the owner’s preference. Personally I prefer simple frames which highlight the painting rather than overpower it.

Tell us about your favourite piece of artwork in your home. How and why does it add value to your space?

There are 2 large walls in my living room which I highlight with a large painting on each wall. (usually 5 x 5 feet). As my paintings have a lot of perspective and thick textures, these paintings look very dramatic and alive, and add to the ambience of the room. Also the paintings displayed currently are in calming blues and greens and so they add a feeling of tranquility to the room. Visitors usually comment on how they feel they are actually standing on a beach looking out into the ocean!

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