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5 Questions: Mohak Mehta

Located in Mumbai, Pinakin carries a wide array of eclectic furniture that is truly ‘India Modern’! The store is best known for its distinctive interpretation of contemporary design based on the classic.

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Mohak Mehta, managing partner of Pinakin Design, tells us about all things furniture.

What does design mean to you?

Something that looks good, is functional and has a purpose.

How do Pinakin products traverse the often-difficult to bridge form and function?

This is done by prototyping each product post design to ensure that both criteria are met. If either form or function are not met, then the product is not approved to go to the shop floor.

What are the important considerations to keep in mind while designing furniture?

Essentially, key things are comfort, utility, proportion and scale. Without this, a piece of furniture will fall apart.

What are the latest trends you see in furniture?

Some of the latest trends are rounded edges, making it almost decorative, mix media finishes, bronze as a substitute for stainless steel, one-off statement pieces and painted furniture.

Give us a tip to update a room in super-quick time and little cost.

The simplest way is to use paint or a wallpaper, cushions and carpets. These items can give a quick and effective visual makeover without burning a hole in your pocket.

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