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5 Questions with Gautam Dhawan

A lawyer by education, Gautam Dhawan decided to walk the unconventional path by opening his own design store in New Delhi. His Exhibit D offers customised design services for interior accessories including coffee tables, mirrors, planters and lighting solutions.

What should homeowners keep in mind when buying accessories and furniture for their home?

Keep the base simple and smart. Modern and contemporary sofas (and furniture) look smart but it’s nice to add some period and ethnic touches. Totally modern is over-done; it’s nice to mix things up with artifacts, rugs, carpets etc.

Form or function? Is it possible for them to co-exist?

Totally. A good designer should get this mix right. We live in homes and these need to be functional as well as look good. These days, with space getting more and more expensive, we need to make sure we use it optimally.

How popular are customised designs these days?

Extremely popular. We need to customise pieces as everyone’s aesthetics and tastes are different; these need to be kept in mind when designing pieces and spaces. It is also a nice way where design grows into different sizes and pieces. by mixing finishes and techniques.

What’s trending in the world of home decor accessories these days?

Natural and organic materials are quite the trend. The use of metal and stone, semi-precious stones, shells, corals and wood is growing – they are often used on their own or juxtaposed with other materials.

How can one revamp a room by changing just one element?

A change of colour always does the trick. Painting the walls a different colour or adding colour through fabrics like cushions or curtains always gives a new look to a space. Small changes like these that don’t cost much can be done every year or so to keep a space looking new and fresh.

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