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5 Quirky Decor Ideas to Quench Your Wanderlust

Décor Ideas Inspired By Wanderlust

They say home is where the heart is. However, if your home is the world and you possess a traveller’s heart—you are a happy victim of wanderlust. When not travelling, bring in that desire into your home with some travel-inspired room decor. Here are certain ideas for you to get started with.

Make a Travel Staircase

Every time you visit a new place, pick up old or unused license plates. Attach them to a staircase at home. This is a unique idea which will light up your home with your travels at every step. Get creative and add fairy lights for flair!

Get An Atlas Wallpaper

Instead of painting the walls or using a regular wallpaper, get quirky! Paste a wall size world map in the living room or sitting area, or a timezones wallpaper. A series of different cities across the world also does the trick! If you are confident enough, go ahead and paint the world map directly on to the wall. It will be a reminder of all that is yet to be travelled!

Display Your Travelogues

Make your travelogues a part of your decor, instead of stowing them away in a bookshelf. Complete the wanderlust theme with some fancy globe book-ends!

Your Future Travel Plans

Keep jars and trays with some travelling money all around the house, with inspirational minimalistic travel quotes to keep reminding yourself of your dreams, and highlight your desire to travel.

Make a Travel Headboard

Turn your headboard into a scenic view, of a city or an area you love or want to visit, so that you can wake up to it every morning and rekindle your dreams everyday! Accessorise with pillows that have city scapes or motifs printed on them, or bolsters with globe imagery. You can also get more creative ideas for headboards here.

Let wanderlust follow you around in your own house with our ideas for some travel-inspired décor. Read about Awesome beaches around the world to re-awaken your senses next!

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