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5 Simple Ways to Go Greige

For long, neutral has meant white, black, brown and grey. But the explosion of colours – no pun intended – has led to a profusion of neutrals on the market. Camel, taupe, sandstone, beige and the latest entrant on the neutral market, greige.

Greige, which mixes grey and beige to create a gorgeous colour that goes well with anything, has become a fashionable favourite.

Why go greige? Like every other neutral, greige creates the perfect stage for any room, provides a good background, can be combined with any colour and builds bridges between strong colours. Go for it if you’re looking for multi-layered and nuanced décor. Pair with pops of saturated colors or complement with varying metallic and shades of grey.


Warm or cool? Greige with yellow undertones has a warm feel while greige with blue undertones appears cool.

We give you 5 easy ways to go greige:

Paint or paper a wall. The warmness of grey and the coolness of beige makes greige ideal for a wall that anchors a room.


2. Use varying levels of saturated greige on adjacent walls and décor for tone-on-tone decor.


3. Pop bright colours such as turquoise, lime green or hot pink into your space to add visual interest.


4. Give the traditional black and white décor a spin by adding greige to the room.


5. Try a textured greige rug to add interest and anchor a bright dining or living room.


If you’re using greige as a background colour, make sure you contrast it – either with other colours, textures or patterns. Going greige on walls, drapes and ceiling may lead to a dull room!

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