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5 Super Creative and Pocket Friendly DIY Ideas You Gotta Try!

Have Some Decor Fun without Having to Spend Much!

If you love creating decor items with your bare hands, you will be delighted to know that you can do so without shelling heavy bucks on the raw materials. Some old materials from the garage, some glue, some papers, and you can create some of the most magnificent looking decor items for your house.

Creative Bookends

Just use some old cardboard and concrete and create amazing bookends for your bookshelf. Cut the cardboard in to a mould shape of your liking and fill the concrete mixture in it. Let it dry and voila, you have such a cheap and creative bookend! You can also use POP and add your favorite colours to make it more bright and mesmerising.

Paper Plate Tray

This is such a simple yet elegant DIY idea to decorate your dining room and kitchen. Just take those extra white paper plates and turn them into something extraordinary. Cut, fold, tape, and fill it with your favourite cookies and cakes. You can use colourful ribbons and buttons to give it another dimension!

Hanging Garden

Use the extra wood logs which are piled up in your garage to create a pretty hanging garden. Nail these wood logs together in any shape you like, but make sure there is some space to hold tiny plant pots in it. You can make cute little carvings also on this and hang it in your garden. So pretty!

Games for Your Kids


Throwing your kid’s birthday party? Never run out of game options when you can create thousands of them on your own. For example, take a bright bed sheet and stick some pictures on it. Mark these pictures with points and hang it in your garden. Now children can throw balls at these pictures and make a cool game out of it!

Twig Markers


Take a peeler and some twigs, carve them, and use a thick marker to write on this carved areas. You can use these twig markers to mark plants in your garden, or to mark anything for that matter!

So start building and be inspired from the above ideas! Got some DIY ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comments below!

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