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5 TV Shows to Steal Home Decor Ideas From

The TV’s part of every home, but can it be an inspiration for your home? We give you the lowdown on five extremely popular TV shows, the sets they made us feel at home in, and style ideas to steal.


Downton Abbey, a Yorkshire country house in Great Britain, is where all the action takes place. The series follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family during the reign of King George V and we follow the decadent Edwardian décor through the grand manor. The furniture is old, heavy and dark – a four-poster bed, Chippendale chairs, and chunky sideboards. The walls are usually pastel and accented with antique-looking frames, mirrors and sconces. The lushness is emphasised by the addition of opulent accessories like Oriental rugs, ornate chandeliers, embroidered pillows, velvety drapes (complete with tassels) and taper candlesticks.


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2 Ideas to Steal

  • Create a luxe and lasting first impression by investing in a show-stopping crystal chandelier.

  • Score vintage style by decorating with mirrors with wooden frames, and portraits or landscapes (oils).


We all loved Carrie, and we all loved her apartment. The fashion icon’s sartorial sense translated extremely well into home décor. All her furniture has an elegant shabby chic appeal. The weathered paint, comfortable fabrics and mismatched chairs and tables create an appealing ambience. The rustic armchair (which she got from Aidan) invites you to relax or snooze. The desk by the window was an obvious choice – this is where most of her columns were written. When it comes to display, Carrie shows off her individuality. Her fashion magazines and books are spread and displayed across her apartment, creating a space that reflects her sense of style and choices.


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2 Ideas to Steal

  • Forego the ubiquitous side table and plonk a dining chair by your bedside. Be it modern and stylish, or weathered and rustic, a dining chair works with any set-up.

  • Show art off as Carrie did by leaning paintings and murals against the wall – it lends a casual air and allows you to change art placement in moments.


Monica’s iconic West Village apartment in Friends was where we felt relaxed and comfortable. The open-plan apartment features two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living room and a balcony, and we love that fact that the kitchen and living room mesh together. Monica could cook, the others could do their own thing and all were still. The walls are purple, two vintage posters add vibrancy and drama, and the furniture invites you to linger. The quirky friends showed us how to bend the design rulebook – they juxtaposed funky finds from across eras and used a variety of colours in one big space.


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2 Ideas to Steal

  • Dining chairs don’t have to match. Put together a collection of mismatched chairs; keep the fabric pattern/ colour similar to pull the look together.

  • A bit of quirkiness – like the not-to-be missed gold frame around the peephole – adds a charm all its own.


Charlie Harper may have been a bachelor through and through but there’s nothing beach bum like about his beach house. The décor seems to have found its inspiration in a Spanish hacienda and shows off a warm colour palette – creams, beiges and rich terracottas. The dark green sofa, vibrant throw pillows, Aztec-print textiles, functional coffee tables and lamps combine to create a lounge-like vibe. Charlie’s precious Grand piano – yes, the very one on which he composes those kids’ jingles – takes pride of place by the patio doors.


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2 Ideas to Steal

  • The Mexican-style vibrant tiles that spruce up the staircase, turning a functional element into a design one.

  • Make the kitchen as comfortable as you can. A small seating arrangement, smart appliances and a string of hooks to put up coffee mugs.


It goes without saying that this is an apartment decorated on a budget. The apartment doesn’t work on any particular colour scheme – the walls are neutral, beige and grey (why didn’t they just go greige?), the trim is yellowish, and the floors are hardwood. The furniture is grunge shabby chic – mismatched chairs and hand-me-down tables – exactly the kind that two broke girls would pick to furnish their home. The walls are decorated with lots of prints, posters, art, and signs. The accessories – be it lamps, artifacts or planters – create a vintage vibe. The kitchen shows off open shelving; a bunch of magnets add colour to the retro refrigerator.

And The Kitty Kitty Spank Spank

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2 Ideas to Steal

  • Give the bulky kitchen island the go-by and bring in an old table. It fulfils a lot of functions – kitchen island, dining area and hangout zone.

  • Cop Max’s idea and cover a wall in a pretty floral fabric to create visual interest at almost-zero cost.

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