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5 Ways Make Your Home Smell like Christmas

The joy and anticipation of Christmas is tied to numerous aromas that trigger nostalgia. Spices, conifers, peppermint and the aroma of baking create a comforting and welcoming ambience. We tell you how to make your holiday experience festive and memorable (without any chemicals).

1. A festive simmer pot creates the right ambience for the holidays. Pop a few spices—cinnamon, allspice, clove, vanilla, and nutmeg—in a pot of water. Let it come to a boil, then set on simmer and enjoy the delicious smell.

2. Nothing spells Christmas fragrance like a pomander candle. Make your own the easy way. Cut out a hole in an orange (or any citrus fruit). The hole should be large enough to slip in a tea light candle. Insert cloves into the fruit in any pattern you like and your pomander’s ready.

3. Scented pinecones that give off your favourite fragrance are a joy to wake up to. Pick a scented oil you like best – clove and cinnamon work well as do vanilla and lavender. Put the pinecones into a ziplock bag, toss in the oil and shake the bag. Remove the pinecones and be transported to Christmas land.

4. Create a festive scented garland by looping together cinnamon-dough (just knead cinnamon powder into your roti ka aata) or lemon pomanders with dried orange slices. It smells amazing and looks great coiled around a doorway or bookshelf.

festive garland

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5. Make your own fragrant candles by wrapping glasses or votives with sticks of cinnamon. Light the candle and sit back as the warm smell permeates your home and senses.


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