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5 Ways to A Chirpy Dining Room

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It’s here that you share your dreams with your family, whisper your secrets and share a laugh! The dining room, without doubt, is the heart of your home. If so, shouldn’t you make it look perfect? Oversized florals in strong designs will certainly make a statement in any decorating scheme. Use them wisely to achieve a stunning focal point for your room.

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1. Bright and bold: Mix bold fabrics with simple accessories for a dramatic look. Use simple fabric panels in pretty colours and patterns. Don’t be staid and traditional— experiment with colours and styles. You don’t need to have all coordinated chairs for your dining table; instead, mix and match colours to create a stunning effect. White looks serene, but when interspersed with florals, the room will look magical. Colour- coordinate your accessories with the colour scheme of the room. For instance, get coordinated table accessories as well. And voila, it’s magic happening right in front of your eyes!


2. Set piece: Introduce glamour and style in way that doesn’t cost the earth. Mix and match colourful china and linen for a setting with style.


3. Classy glass: Bring in accessories and centrepieces, even if they aren’t expensive. It can be as simple as adding a few empty glass bottles. For a dramatic look, choose tall flowers to add height to the table. Don’t go for an elaborate flower arrangement; instead, just group a few flower stems in different colours.

4. Ground Level: Relax by the window after a leisurely brunch. Add floor cushions, again in bright colours and beautiful patterns to create a relaxing sit out. Well then, go ahead and enjoy that glass of lemonade.

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5. Flower power: Stick to a limited colour palette for your room scheme; you’ll hardly go wrong if you aren’t mixing too many colours. You can add tea lights for a pretty touch.

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