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50 Things to Put on your Home To-Do List

By Pia Sinha

1. Upgrade your upholstery: If a high-budget revamp, isn’t on the cards, a great way to upgrade the interiors is to reupholster. We’re thinking new drapes, new cushions, new bed linen, even new fabric for the sofa. Shop for warm, textured cushions and throws that you could bring out later when the mercury dips further.

2. Introduce a new floor treatment: Heard of tile-on-tile options? That way, you can update your flooring without actually going through the hassle of removing the original layer of floor. Go with laminates, engineered wood, carpet tiles, even hardwood. Nothing like a fresh new floor for the festive season, right?

3. Create visual appeal: Lend drama to your living areas with new features like narrow floating shelves on an empty wall. Display your books, accessories, even art. And feel free to change the display as the months change.

4. Ventilate: The monsoon obviously meant damp, dark and dank interiors; but get all that lovely sunshine in by throwing open your doors and windows and let fresh air circulate whenever possible. Opt for florals in your drapes to lend the feeling of nature indoors.

5. Paint can work: There is no doubt that paint can do wonders for your space. However, there is no need to take on a huge paint job. How about a single accent wall that you wish to highlight? You could even try restoring your existing furniture with a coat of paint.


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6. Trim the outdoors: Tame wild, unchecked plant growth that is a common occurrence post rainy weather. Take a look around and choose where to start. Snip overgrown foliage and include small potted plants as outdoor decor.

7. Purge: Get rid of items that drive you up the wall. They could be empty plastic containers, rusty old cutlery, empty boxes that you can’t fill, etc. start small and conquer problem areas slowly.

8. Personalise your corner: Isolated and drab corner you’re desperate to change. so, why not a reading nook, or a place to unwind in with coffee. An easy chair; a round table; an interesting piece of art, maybe even photographs, and you’re good to go! Create a sense of privacy with a floorstanding partition. The idea works especially when entertaining and inviting people over.

9. Time for neutrals: We think neutrals can soothe your décor in a way, no colour can! In fact, they actually provide a clean backdrop for your to experiment in. So give your spaces a breather before the colour riot and shimmer take over in the months ahead. Silence before the storm…get the drift?

10. Fancy a nightstand? Don’t ignore the bedside table in your guest bedroom. You will need to keep some basic amenities accessible, so that your guests don’t end up fumbling for things in the middle of the night. A small bowl perhaps, little scented candle, some reading material — just small things to make them feel welcome.


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11. Kitchen tool: You’re going to need your cookie sheets and cutting boards pretty soon. There’s going to be plenty of baking this season. So, keep them organised and accessible.

12. Dine outdoors: Take indulgence outdoors and plan a cosy dinner party in your garden. Create a pretty setting with a little canopy or pergola and some bright cushions for your chairs. Prep while you have the time.

13. Make over: Rethink your existing spaces, especially those that are less frequented or used minimally. For instance, a three-bedroom apartment, where you only end up using two bedrooms, could mean, a lot of clutter and unnecessary stuff being piled up. Take a look and reorganise.

14. Care for carpets: Give your carpets their due. A thorough and professional cleaning before the party is certainly in order.

15. Clean the oven: Don’t miss the oven. You’ll want it ****-n-span. We’ve got you an interesting cleaning tip too. Spray the oven with water. Then sprinkle a layer of baking soda over the water and let it stay overnight. Now a sponge, hot water and liquid dishwashing solution is all you need to get rid of the dirt from inside.


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16. Freshen the bathrooms: A fresh and clean bathroom feels so lovely to step inside. Start with washing the walls and floors. Rethink your bathroom spaces too if you can. Do you need a coat of paint on those walls for some *****? Also, add some shimmer with a new fixture – faucet, towel rack, or mirror – and do not forget to buy new towels some stimulating fragrances.

17. Clean up: Oh! And did we say, that you need to give your outdoor furniture a scrub too? A mild dishwashing solution will do the trick for your cane and rattan surfaces

18. Service the AC: ‘Tis the season for parties, guests, and loads of fun. Makes complete sense to check and see if all air conditioners are working fine. Get your air conditioning units ready with servicing and a thorough professional check, now.

19. New project planning: What’s that big project you’re planning to undertake next? A kitchen renovation maybe in a few months from now? Start the groundwork now. Start taking note of all the little nitty- gritty that you miss as you work.

20. Make the most of space: Add more space to your kitchen area by installing open shelves on a bare wall. The idea here is to generate space to stack extra crockery and other essentials that are bound to come in handy. For some drama, paint the area behind the shelves. Alternatively consider sticking bright and colourful paper.


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21. Opt for designer walls: No time for paint? Go ahead, and cover one accent wall in the room with wallpaper. Choose a pattern that’s easy on the eye and watch your space transform instantly. Else, we also recommend wall decals. They are absolutely gorgeous and like wallpapers, the installation is extremely hassle-free too.

22. Think beyond: Give your bedroom a small makeover with a brand new headboard for your bed.

23. Keep wires away: If your home is a wiry mess with cords and cables dangling around all your electrical equipment, it’s time you organised them a little. Label cords behind your entertainment centre with a tag or sticker. Alternatively bundle them up in one neat ball with a rubber band.

24. Get a holiday head start: Don’t think its too early to start decorating and preparing for the holiday season ahead. Get the most basic tasks out of your way. Check to see if your address book is updated and plan buying cards and invitation in advance.

25. Art for drama: Stuck for ideas for compelling wall art? Frame bright paper or create your own artwork. It’s a brilliant DIY idea to try out.


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26. Stay stain safe: Know that stains are inevitable and will be difficult to deal with. So, stock up on all your stain removal products. Don’t stress. They’re impossible to avoid and being prepared will work in your favour.

27. Child proof your home: Look out for sharp edges and corners around your furniture and other surfaces. We recommend padding on your furniture, smoke alarm installations, locks, fire extinguishers, the works!

28. Accent with furniture: If you have spaces bereft of characters, that you have no idea what to do with, we recommend you take time out to find our that one piece of furniture that will lift the entire space. You’ll be surprised how furniture can double up as brilliant accent pieces as well.

29. Repurpose: Let storage take precedence in your kitchen this season. After all, isn’t that what we all want. Pick an old cabinet that you’ve been considering discarding. Give it a lick of paint in sync with the colours in your kitchen. Now all you need are baskets and shelves to organise the pantry contents.

30. Make small changes: Give your kitchen a new lease of life. You don’t have to undertake a huge makeover project to make it look new and shiny for the festive season. Just paint your kitchen cabinets; a fresh coat of colour can do wonders, after all. or how about new backsplashes? If budget is a constraint, just change the drawer pulls


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31. Watch the wardrobe: Prepare for the change in season by switching your wardrobe. Clean our your wardrobe; remove all traces of moisture. Fix, sew, repair anything torn or donate items that are not like to be warm again. Works the same.

32.Sort by space: Make a list of all the activities that will take place in the room. Create an inviting area with floor cushions or a nice cushy rug. Ideal for board games with the kids. Bottomline: Itemise, what all is required for every activity. For instance, if you’re entertaining, you may consider more seating options, or coffee tables or a great sound system.

33. Maintain the pantry: Get rid of items that are past their expiry dates. look for dusty corners and clean them out. keep your cereals and pastas stacked properly, so they are easy to find.

34. Keep it handy: It’s a good idea to allocate and create space for all your entertainment supplies – keep it all within reach. How about one set of drawers filled with coasters, napkins, plates and snack bowls? Don’t forget the paper towels!

35. Window of opportunity: If you’re in the mood for a small-time renovation, why don’t you consider creating storage seating by your bay window? extra seating, more storage, and a brilliant view…what’s not to love?


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36. Ensure a good night’s sleep: A good night’s sleep is priceless, but a good mattress needn’t cost a fortune. Visit websites online and do a thorough recce at the home shop outlets in your city. Read up reviews online and know what’s best suited for your back. Also check for comfort, guarantee and return policies.

37. Frame for drama: We love the idea of putting together frames on a wall in an asymmetrical pattern. Work of art, we think! Measure how much space you have and you could work with an assortment of shapes and sizes in frames, Empty frames… mind you!

38. Entertainment zone: Plan your home theatre setup. Before you buy, target the best choice of equipment based on your preferences and budget. Surround sound is of essence, so, learning how to create the experience is important. Optimise your room for better acoustics. You may want to consider getting professional advice.

39. Take a look at your dishwasher: ..because its going to have a busy time ahead, what with so many guests and all that cooking. Work with so many guests and all that cooking. Work with warm water and soap to wipe the insides and the little crevices where dirt accumulates. For sanitising the insides, place a dishwasher-safe full of vinegar and run the dishwasher on a short cycle without detergent.

40. Get hooked: A great idea to work with in your bathroom this season — install hooks behind the door to hang your bathrobes and towels. They’ll always come in handy.


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41. Fix the menu: For the gourmand chef in you, it pays to figure this out well in advance. Start prepping. pick up cookbooks and start testing recipes now!

42. Store your music: For the audiophile in you, we have a great idea that’ll help you organise your music. Replace your CDs with an external hard disk. Copy all your music here and bid that unruly pile of CDs goodbye. Now all your music is just a click away.

43. Make more room to charge: Buy a power strip for all your rechargeable items like the cell phones, ipods, camera, etc, especially given that so many of you are going to be home. also, if you have multiple chargers, label them. You don’t want to waste time looking for the right chord!

44. Dispose, dispose: Old unused items in your bathroom need to go, now! Right from lotions, razors, perfumes, old medicines… Replace with fresh buys.

45. Get dramatic! Rethink your lighting. Opt for spot lights in areas that need brightness, like the sofa or where you’d like to read. In fact, overhead lights with dimmers are a great way to maintain a moody ambience. How about the dining area?


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46. Welcome in style: Make a grand and impressive entry for your guests this season. Give your front door a lick of paint. String fairly lights together to make the hallway prettier. A soft and bright floor rug will add warmth. A sleek bench for removing shoes works great too.

47. Create a photo diary: Festivals are a great time to relive old memories. how about you display old photo albums on your coffee tables or bookshelves, so your guests can browse through them while they’re lounging around. Get your old albums out. Give them a little wipe. Stack them up neatly.

48. Organise a little: Organise your cabinets by allocating separate areas for plates, glasses, containers, and cups. This way, everyone knows where everything goes

49. Go through your desk: …and declutter. Giveaway books you no longer read, office supplies you haven’t used. Dispose old pads that are torn and pens that don’t write. Make note of things you need — notebooks, bookends, etc.

50. Bring on the wine: Stock up on wine this season. Whether it’s for serving guests or bringing to parties, wines are a must-have this season. Thought about investing in a wine cooler?


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