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6 Bollywood Movies to Take Décor Inspirations from

By Sagar Datta

If you ever thought interior design inspirations were only confined to décor magazines, works of eminent designers and surfing through the net, think again!

Bollywood isn’t just about entertainment anymore; it’s a bible that adds a learning curve to your minds. It has inspired fashion, accents, lifestyle and now home décor. Ever since we hit the millennium, Bollywood became a source of inspiration by concentrating on set décor, be it Bhansali’s dramatic sets or Johar’s magnanimous spaces.

Two things happen when we watch movies. We escape our reality and visit another world where we submerge ourselves for some time; and we see a world that we want to be a part of, one that we may want to mirror parts of in our reality someday.

These six movies lend themselves really well to home décor inspirations. Watch them again and decide which home is more your style!

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Long elegant carpets, antique wooden furniture, curtains in royal colours, they combined to create class and panache. Think over the top! The Raichand mansion was a classic blend of contemporary and vintage Italian. The London home on the other hand was very upbeat and modern, due to the use of classic white and other neutrals that made the spaces seem expansive.


I Hate Luv Stories. If you love your chic quotient, Sonam’s bedroom could well be your pick! Light soothing feminine colors splashed on the walls, a dreamy design theme and painted furniture with colourful cushions come together to add drama and dreams to real life.


Wake Up Sid. Affordability and creativity are also inversely proportionate in nature and this concept was proven, justified and successful in Konkana’s room in the film. A perfect example of how refurbishing practices occur along with a practical thought of limited money for execution and creative satisfaction. Blend a few pieces of modern furniture and old school furnishings for this look.


Rock On. If dark and classic is your think, Farhan’s home in the film will appeal to you. The dark wall colours lent an intense and deep appeal, with white being used to accentuate the darkness.
A flowing water fountain inside a plush 3BHK flat added a soothing touch. The metallic washroom is an idea to keep.


Khoobsurat. If you like the idea of a contemporary home – one with an English style and Indian heart – look at the Rathore mansion. The classic wooden study space, a dining table with royal antique cutlery, colourful upholstered furniture and the variety of flooring patterns added chutzpah to the home. Bright colours showed off the carved furniture, wall paintings and vintage photo frames in style.


Dostana. Remember how you wanted a Miami kind of look home in India after seeing Priyanka, John and Abhishek set up their bedrooms? Modern furniture, bright accessories, a variety of textures, maximum use of daylighting and a plethora of white in every room will give you this look.


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