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6 Colours to Make your Home more Cosy

As the winter chill envelopes your surroundings, you want to stay inside the house for longer periods of time. Even though the best way to enjoy the winter chill is to sit back in a nice cozy room with a big cup of hot chocolate, a good colour scheme for the room can also make you feel more comfortable.

Try these colours to amp up the cosy factor:

1. Pumpkin. This peachy shade of orange can create a cheerful tone. Accessorise with matching curtains and let the sunlight filter through them for a warm feeling.  The colour is ideal for the dining room. Add a vintage chandelier and you’ve got a magazine-worthy space!


2. Orange and beige. Try this unusual colour combination for winter. Creating the right balance of these two colours can add an inviting appeal to any space. Add accessories such as lamps, table and striped curtains to enhance the look


3. Chocolate and cream. What’s not to love about this combination? Sure you’d love it more as an ice cream, but create a winter palette by offsetting dark brown with cream accents. A pop of orange or aqua will add cheer.


4. Red and gold. Red is always associated with energy and can help bring that energy into the foreground. It can be used as the main colour along with accents of gold to add opulence to a room. Red and gold are rich colours; use them in appropriate doses to create a sophisticated space.


5. Red and green. If Christmas is round the corner, can red and green be far behind? Red and green go together swimmingly and you can apply them to all kinds of spaces. Experiment with colours – bright or soft red, moss or jade green? Green adds freshness and a sense of calm, perfectly offsetting the passion of red.


6. White. If you’re looking for an old-world look, try shades of white and accessorize them with rustic antiques. The serenity and purity of white complements the earthy rustic touch of the antiques perfectly.


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