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6 DIY Ways of Lighting up for Diwali

This Diwali, how about trying out some new ideas while lighting up your home? These DIY ideas make festive lighting really easy:

1. Paper cup lamps. Don’t throw away those used paper cups. Simply slide each one on to the lights in a string of fairy lights. You can also paint the cups, cut them into floral shapes and stick together. They make a wonderful style statement out of a regular string of lights. Ideal for the patio/verandah.


2. Paper lanterns. Give your exotic and delicate Chinese lanterns a new look by stringing together quite a few in your outdoor spaces. The bright colours combined with the light create a lovely ambience.


3. Sea shell décor. There’s so much you can do with candles! Place regular candles/ tea lights in shells and place them at strategic points in your house. Your delicate candles will now look gorgeous. Go one step further and make them into a cluster that makes an impact.


4. Plastic bottle lamps. Make your kids a part of this project where all you need are discarded plastic bottles, plenty of shiny paint or markers and a few scissors. Cut out the bottles in lamp-like shapes, paint and simply insert a candle or bulb to get a creative decoration piece.


5. Chain of bulbs. Make use of ordinary but colourful paper to make a chain to craft bulbs/diyas and hang them on your walls. All you need is some glue and paper to get the work done. There’s no light but the effect is awesome! Or else quill yourself a magnificently simple centrepiece.


6. On the outside: Light up the exterior of your home with LED lights. You can select from a variety of colour combinations and patterns. Show off your prized plants with hanging lanterns and lights. You can also use diyas and candles with your lighting. Use string lights – available in an array these days – to deck up those huge trees in the garden. The same can be done on pillars — add some floral garlands to heighten the adornment.


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