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6 MUST-HAVE Features for Asian Decor

Asian Home Design – Inspirations for Your New Home

Subtle shades, streamlined and posh – the three words that embody Asian interior design. If you are considering a home revamp, an Asian inspiration could be just the thing you need. It makes the home look chic and streamlined. Here are some of the best features of the Asian home decor that you can incorporate in your abode:

Minimalist Design

Less is more! If you are a kind of person who believes in this mantra – the Asian design should be perfect for you. It is characterised by minimalist design with a streamlined look, encased in pale walls. Clean lines, a touch of gloss, and vibrant design make the space look chic. It also creates a great first impression when you have guests over. Do not be surprised if they ask you for tips on interior decoration.

Zen-inspired Decor

Asian-inspired decor is best associated with a zen-like feel. A floating bamboo ceiling, chiselled stone walls, and candles coupled with natural accents like a flower pot can create a serene environment. Where else will you find peace?

Hint of Colours

Add coloured accents to a room to make it pop. You can add them in the form of a chair, duvet, or even a bedspread. You can also consider painting a wall with bright shades to add some pop to your space.

Low-level Furniture

Low-level furniture is another feature of the Asian home design. It creates a cosy and intimate environment without taking up much place. Coffee tables and chairs can be neatly arranged for a classy look. For furniture with fabrics, like sofas, ottomans, chaise chairs and others, you could consider getting them re-upholstered to create a brand new look without disturbing your existing decor. 

Natural Elements

An important element of the Asian design aesthetic will be the use of natural elements like bamboo, wood, and stone. Give your home a more grounded look with plants as well as Asian motifs like the cherry blossom.

Feng Shui Elements

The use of the four natural elements is a key feature of an Asian home design. Balancing the elements can create harmony in your home. Each element will individually help to invoke a certain mood.

The Asian home design reinforces the saying – less is more. It creates a living space that is simple, chic, and tasteful. However, your home will still retain its warmth despite the modern design.

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