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7 Ways to Style a Bookshelf

Time was when you packed in books into your bookcase. And that was that.

Today, designing a bookshelf is both a science and an art. Since there are no fixed rules, you have to use your creativity to make your shelf look the best it can be.

We give you seven ways you can try:

1. Group by colour. You can give your bookshelf a colourful look by grouping your books according to colour. If you have several green-coloured books, place them according to their shades. Start with the darkest green or with the lightest green and continue till you reach the very end.


2. Highlighted background. How about painting the back of your shelf with a dark colour like charcoal gray, aqua or white, if that fits in with the rest of your decor? You could even paste wallpaper of different colours and get a shelf that really stands out!. Experiment with gift wrappers or coloured fabric in the background.


3. Go for an eclectic mix. A lot of people opt for books lined in a row. Why not mix them up? Place some books flat with their titles observable and put an artefact on top of them to give a touch of elegance. Make some space in-between books that are propped up straight for another accessory. Do this all along your bookshelf.


4. Space-saving options. If you find that a traditional bookshelf is taking up too much space in your medium-size home, use innovative ways to stock your books. You can try mounting your shelf high up on the wall – an impressive style statement. The backs of doors can also be used to store books.


5. Horizontal and vertical. To stand out of the crowd place your books in both horizontal and vertical rows. If you do this, make sure the height – and number – of the two blocks of books is symmetrical.


6. Add some art. Decorate your bookshelf with art work. You can place postcards, frames or even small sculptures in the spaces between blocks of books. How and where you place the art work will depend on the shape, size and style of your shelf.


7. Make it movable. Craft your bookshelf in such a way that it is mobile. In this way, you can shift the location of your bookshelf at will. A mobile bookshelf will obviously have to be small or of medium size. It can also function as an impromptu table or small island.


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