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8 Different Ways to Spend Sunday

What’s cooking this Sunday? If you’re not sure what to do, we give a few ideas:

1. Get moving. Recent research has shown that the lack of attention among kids these days can be linked to them not getting enough movement. Get your children moving by leading the way. Cycling, swimming, hiking, and jogging work well as family sports, so take up one and follow it religiously.

2. Be a tourist in your own town! Visit the sights —the palaces, museums, parks, markets and eateries. Sign up for a heritage walk— winter is the ideal time. Plan a day out at the zoo, aquarium, a ride through the city or a day trip, and end it with dinner at a restaurant you haven’t tried.

3. Plan your next vacation. Once you’ve decided on a destination, get started. Older kids can research to figure out things to do—places to visit, sights to see, foods to try, and things to buy. Top of the list: 5 things to do as a family!

4. Turn out your cupboards for creative materials— card papers, magazines, photos, laces, ribbons, stickers, sequins, etc. Join the kids to create unique birthday and festive cards. Or else, put together handmade gifts— soap, cakes, or scented sachets (look up the Internet for how-to’s).

5. Potluck parties are very popular these days. Create a potluck group with friends who have children the same age as yours. Set a once-a-month date. The rules: You must rifle to the back of your cupboard and fish out an ingredient that you had bought and long forgotten all about. Another twist: host a phone-free party!

6. Give the BYO party a twist. Ask friends to bring their own appetisers – heavy ones. Once the snacking and drinks are done, set up an ice cream buffet. Provide various kinds of ice cream, sauces, fruits, and other toppings and let your guests relive their childhood fantasies!

7. Come evening, and turn your living area into a classic tea room. Sit down for an old-fashioned afternoon tea party. The traditional time for tea in England was from 4 p.m. onwards till 7 p.m. Serve traditional fare—sandwiches without the crust, cakes, tarts, scones and jam—in pretty patterned China.

8. Plan a quiet evening at home. Bring out the traditional card and board games. Scrabble, Bingo, Cluedo and other old favourites are ideal. Or, plan a trivia evening or rounds of charades. End with a movie that everyone wants to see. Serve popcorn, juice and sandwiches.

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