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8 Furniture Trends to Watch out for in 2015

If your furniture isn’t fabulous, chances are your home isn’t too. We clue you in on what’s trending in the world of furniture these days.

Small is big. With space at a premium in most homes these days, furniture is adapting by decreasing in size. Tight compact furniture means you can welcome uncluttered rooms and open spaces.

Multi is magical. Not too long ago, multifunctional meant you were cutting corners. Today a piece of furniture that combines many functions – is it a coffee table, storage bin or a chair? – is extremely practical and good to have, especially for smaller homes.

Glamour is great. Furniture pieces went extremely streamlined a while back (conforming to the modern minimalistic look), but with economies regaining strength glamorous furniture is making a comeback. Say hello to opulent furniture, excessive details and plush lavishness.

Shabby chic is in. This style brings together the appeal of the aged and the beauty of imperfections to make space for simple comfortable living. When it comes to furniture, the older and shabbier, the better. Think distressed wood, faded chintzes and interesting patinas.

Vintage scores huge. It may have been around for centuries, but the vintage furniture trend refuses to die. Add a couple of pieces to your home – be it a closet, a couple of chairs or a console – to ensure understated elegance.

Coffee aids conversation. The staple of many a living room conversation, the humble coffee table has now evolved immensely. Apart from serving its main function, the modern coffee table is often a conversation starter. It could be a huge piece of driftwood topped with a sheet of glass, a couple of statues holding up a wooden tray, or an old ottoman topped with a chess board.

Ocean plays muse. This trend brings together quite a few old trends. And since they all involve the colour blue, we’re not saying no. Make friends with the briny blue in 2015, be it watery patterns, aquatic textures and nautical influences.

Upcycling is hip. The rise in DIY décor has ensured that upcycled furniture is a big hit. Be it an outdoor bench made of car scraps, an end table created from an old tin, or a coffee table crafted from an aged handcart, upcycled furniture adds an eclectic touch to any room. The upside? Apart from being unique, it’s also environmentally friendly.

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