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8 Questions to Ask Before Meeting your Designer

By Sagar Datta

Interior design isn’t a one-way traffic but a two-way communication process. To create a home that best serves you and your family, designers need to know your lifestyle, how you use your space, for who is it being created and more. In other words, a designer needs to get inside your head. Any home or corporate interiors outcome is a reflection of your own personality, style and way of living.

To help you prep – whether you’re designing a new home or updating an old one – we offer a list of eight questions to ask yourself before you meet a designer. These answers will create the foundation to design your dream home.

1. What’s your pocket size? Most customers do take budgeting as a priority while executing a project but they sometimes overshoot or underestimate their budget. For a designer, it’s extremely important to know how much one wishes to spend so as to budget properly and deliver efficiently. Be frank and fair.

2. What’s your hit-and-miss list like? Everyone has certain idea of the way they want their dream space to be. Even if you think you don’t know, the subconscious knows wish list. If you are able to provide that to the designer, he’ll be well equipped to create your dream space.

3. What and whose space is it anyway? A room is nothing more than four walls, a floor and ceiling if considered from structurally on basic appeal. However, from the design perspective, it’s a goldmine opportunity to be used in many ways. Be clear about the function of the room – will it be a bedroom, living space, multitasking space or so on! Also clarify who’ll be using it.

4. Are there any inspirations? Sometimes as a client you already know what you want, thanks to your aspirations and observations. This could be a favourite picture or painting, a chair with a fabric you love, a piece of clothing, a set of dishes etc. This would help designer’s understand your preferences and execute the project accordingly.


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5. What’s your colour? You need to know the choice of colours that you wish to have in your spaces. Would you like cool neutrals with pops of colour in the living room? A serene green for the washroom? Also think about which colours kill your buzz and you would prefer to do without.

6. What’s the time frame? You need to know how quick you want the final outcome. Whether you are entirely executing the work or breaking it up, you have to set a deadline idea for yourself and tell the designer so that he/she advises you accordingly.

7. What kind of contract will it be? There are times when you do not wish to give all responsibilities of executing the project to the designer. May be you have a trusted plumber or electrician you would like to involve. Enlist our capacity and contact utilization. Be graphically clear on what you need to outsource and what you can take care of.

8. Let’s say ‘I do’ legally, shall we? In today’s time, being frank and professional is ideal. Be clear on your contractual terms like which medium you can pay in, when can you pay etc. Think about other expected terms and conditions to work happily with your designer.

Whether it’s a small project or a big one, an interior designer can really help you get the result you’re looking for. So be prepared before you set up that meeting!

Sagar Datta heads New Delhi-based design practice Casa Interio

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