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8 Tips to Take Care of Soft Furnishings

Fabrics are a part of the warp and weft of life. Gift your fabrics and furnishings a long life. Here’s how.

  1. Coat drapes, cushion covers and carpets with fabric protectors (such as Scotchgard) to take care of spills and stains.

  2. Test fabric for colorfastness before getting cushion covers and placemats stitched.

  3. Don’t scrub a stain when trying to remove it – you’ll spread it. Dab at it until the stain disappears. Scrubbing spreads the stain and damages the fabric.

  4. Sprinkle salt liberally over liquid stains. Soak in cold water for half an hour, rub with liquid detergent and then wash normally.

  5. For milk, tea, coffee and blood stains, soak the affected area in prewash detergent and wash normally.

  6. Refold tablecloths and curtains in a different way after each wash to avoid well-defined crease lines and wear.

  7. To keep fine fabrics such as lace free of damage, put them into a pillowcase or mesh bag before tossing them into a washing machine.

  8. Keep fabrics, especially delicate ones, away from strong sunlight to avoid fading.

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