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9 Tips to Organise Your Dresser

When it comes to dressing up, a dressing table can be a dealmaker or breaker. How do you keep it in shape to stay ship-shape yourself?

1. Keep the dresser top as clean and clear as possible. Ideally, it should hold a cream you use often, a bottle of lotion, a little tray to hold your watch and earrings, and a small bowl to corral loose things. A 3-tiered cupcake stand looks pretty and tidies up the dresser in minutes!


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2. A dresser holds immense clutter potential – there’s makeup, toiletries, perfumes, palettes, brushes, the list can go on. Cut the clutter and keep what you need in clear containers. Tap things available around the house – Meal trays, muffin pans, plastic boxes, ice trays, glass jars/mugs, shoe boxes, bowls and baskets. Excellent for storage!

3. Allocate drawers and containers for separate items. A drawer for makeup and nail paints, another for jewellery; a container for hair accessories, another for little-used products.

4. Ensure that opening the drawers leaves you with a smile on your face. Line drawers with beautiful paper, printed plastic or gorgeous fabric.

5. Place a few velvet lined trays in a drawer with a lock – a wonderful way to keep your expensive jewellery organised and in good condition.


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6. Draping jewellery on sculptural figurines keeps it from getting tangled or lost. Or else, install a small soft board near the dresser to poke in your favourite earrings; T-pins will keep neckpieces in place.

7. Keep eye pencils in a mug, lipliners in another and your brushes in a third. Place the brushes with bristles facing up to help you find what you need in a jiffy.


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8. All beauty products come with expiry dates and it’s important to keep them in mind. Sort through your stuff, classifying them into what can’t be used, what must be used soon, and what’ll last you a while. Guide: Mascara, 6 months; foundation, 1 year; concealer; 1-2 years; eyeliner, 6 months.

9. Since beauty products go directly on to your skin, you can never OD on hygiene. Keep tubes and pots closed; same goes for cotton swabs and buds, and facial tissue.

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