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A Home Theatre that Will Keep You at Home

New movie’s out but you’re too sure if you want to shell out the bucks to watch it in a movie hall. Why don’t you pick up a DVD and transform your living room into your personal theatre?

A good home theatre system can elevate movie­watching to a new experience. All you need are three essentials to transform a room into a great home theatre: a TV, a sound system and seating. Get a flat­screen wall­mounted HD TV in a size that suits your room. A 1080 pixel resolution (1920 x 1080) with a 16:9 aspect ratio allows wide­format movies to fit the screen. Invest in a Blu­Ray/DVD player, headphones and single remote to make the movie magic last longer. For sound systems, a 5.1 channel supports 6 speakers while 7.1 offers 8 speakers. Placement is critical and depends on a room’s size. Dark walls and lazy seating options —be it recliners or sumptuous sofas—create the perfect ambience. Ensure that the lighting controls allow dimmer options.

Invite a few friends over, pop some corn and get the movie going!

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