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A Look we Love: 7 Tips to Get It

Isn’t this just the perfect place to head to on a lazy Saturday afternoon? The window nook creates a calm and relaxing space that invites you to linger. With a cup of coffee, may be. A book. Put your feet up. Unwind. If you have a window that lends itself to an alcove, you can get this look. We tell you how:

1. Get a carpenter to craft a little seating arrangement in the window. It could be a simple bench or a plank of wood stretched across the window opening. A box bench provides storage options.
2. The local gaddawala will create a mattress that fits the seat. Or you can buy foam pillows. A simple cover adds an elegant touch.
3. Keep the window, the seating and accessories predominantly white to create a restful look.
4. Add pops of colour through the curtains or drapes and the throw pillows. Quirky patterns and bright colours add zest to the space and keep it from being too languid.
5. A couple of potted plants add a natural touch to the corner. Be sure to put them in elegant planters.
6. Keep the accessories simple and the look uncluttered. A white lamp, metal artifacts and simple wooden tables come together for a mesmerising look.
7. A small stool tucked away under a larger table can be pulled out to put cups and glasses.
Once done, enjoy this little getaway tucked away in a corner of your home. You’ll never want to leave!

Abhijit RegarSuperb tips. I would like to follow these ideas for my room. Thanks BBM for sharing such a wonderful tips. :-)