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A Tour of Elton John’s Home

Mesmerising Interiors Of Elton John’s Numerous Homes

It does not really matter if you are a fan of Elton John’s music, you cannot escape the charm of his tasteful houses and exquisite decor! The ‘Candle in the Wind’ singer, who has five sprawling estates and mansions across the world, has exemplary taste to match his artistic excellence. Be it his houses in United Kingdom, Atlanta, Nice, or Venice—the level of the grandeur is beyond imaginable! Take a glimpse of some of his interiors, and get wowed!

Victorian Elements

The rich classicism of Victorian era reflects itself profoundly in the interiors of Elton John’s homes. The mold details on the cornices is splendid, so are the life size portraits of famous noblemen and royalty on the walls. The whole ambience smells of royal charm, with the marble floors and rich dark colours contrasting beautifully!

Opulent Furnishings

The furnishings and furniture are lavish, and speak of Elton John’s eye for details. Statue heads, portraits, mirror scones, detailed upholstery, and exquisite decor items give the room an air of extravagance! Everything in his houses is centred around the art he collects, and you would see many such examples adorning the walls of his many houses across the globe!

Minimalist Décor

For his Atlanta home, Elton John has chosen a more minimalist approach. Bright and bold colours contrasted with pale ivory walls and shag rugs give his rooms a whimsical-yet-modern touch! The sculptures are collectibles, and so are the numerous paintings on the wall. Elton John is a self-proclaimed art collector and hobbyist!

Vintage Elements

A quirky eye for little details gives Elton John’s home a feel of an art gallery! Vintage decor elements like whacky chairs, conical tables, wall art and art installations will blend casual style with chic sophistication. Use of modern with the vintage lends an artistic, eclectic feel!

Pop Art Inspirations

The visual treat of blending modern pop-art with stoic decor elements, is a creative edge in Elton John’s homes. A striking wallpaper coordinated with streamlined furniture and decor, gives a modern art gallery-like feel to his abodes!

Graphic Punch

The intelligent use of black and white, gives these homes a solid graphic punch! The hardwood floors with a natural finish are trendy, while stainless steel rims on the furniture gives a modern, industrial look.

Let the grandeur of Elton John’s homes inspire you to greatness, and let the the simplicity of it all woo you once again!

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