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Ace Your Paint Job with the Right Finish

If you get new clothes for the festive season, shouldn’t your home get a new look too?

The time is just right to give your home – exterior and interior – a coat of paint. Painting is the quickest and easiest way to refresh any space. It’s an expensive remodel that offers a high quuality makeover and improved homeowner outlook. Don’t you feel so much better if your walls look spanking new and clean?


Make your choice. Choose a paint and finish that goes with the space. These days, most interior paints are formulated for great coverage, scrubbability, stain and spatter resistance and easy touch-ups. Latex and oil/alkyd paints provide great adhesion, durability and stain resistance and are ideal for daily wear.

A variety of paint finishes are available on the market. Choose from:


Flat: A non-reflective appearance that helps hide surface blemishes. It cleans up easily and works well for living and dining rooms, ceilings and bedrooms.

Satin: This glossy finish offers a rich look and works well for high-traffic areas such as family rooms, children’s bedrooms, woodwork, stairs and hallways.


Semi-Gloss: A lustrous and durable finish is perfect for areas that get cleaned frequently. Use it for kitchens, closets, utility zones and bedrooms.

Gloss: Another lustrous and durable finish, this one works well for windows, doors, trim, cabinets and furniture.


Pearl: This subtle shimmering paint finish offers a light and lustrous finishing touch. Use it for accent walls.

Eg-Shel: Ideal for walls, an eg-shel finish creates a slight hint of shine and holds up better to cleaning.

Flat Enamel: This non-reflective appearance helps conceal surface imperfections and provides some washability.


Matte: Use this flat finish to hide surface imperfections and make your walls look smooth.

Low-Lustre: This finish offers a smooth and subtle sheen and a wall that’s easy to clean.

Medium-Lustre: Use this higher-gloss finish for doors, trim and woodwork.


Choose the best paint on the market. Scrimping on your paint budget doesn’t help in the long run. Quality paints work way better than bargain ones – they provide better colour retention, stain resistance, adhesion to surfaces and durability. Add to that the fact that many of them are “self-priming”  – they work as both primer and paint!

Keen to get started? Let Paint Finder show you the way.

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