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Add a Burst of Citrus to Your Home

The sky may still be dull and grey, but does your home need to be sombre, too? The monsoon is a season of rejuvenation and regeneration, high time to revive your spaces. Brighten up your home with citrus colours and get ready to romance the rains. We tell you which colour to use where:


The colour of sunshine and flowers, yellow adds a sunny vibe to any space. Yellow is the colour of optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. The colour is known to stimulates mental processes and the nervous system, activate memory and encourage communication.


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Variations: Sunshine, gold, butter, pale, canary, lemon chiffon.

Feng Shui tip. Yellow, with its uplifting and warm nature, is ideal for the kitchen, dining room and living room. In the bedroom, use an earthy or pale yellow.


A close relative of red, orange is fun and flamboyant. The colour radiates warmth and energy, and tends to garner a “love it” or “hate it” appeal. The citrus shade of orange is known to stimulate activity and appetite, and encourage socialisation.


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Variations: Amber, tangerine, persimmon, safety orange, coral, tangelo, orange-red

Feng shui tip. Its social skills make it apt for the kitchen, dining room and living room. If you want it in the bedroom, go for an earthy shade of orange.


Named for a fruit, this light yellow colour is associated with brightness and sunshine. The warm colour brings cosiness, comfort and contentment into a décor scheme. The colour helps to clear the mind, promotes self-reliance and indicates the need for an orderly life.


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Variations: Lemon chiffon, meringue, glacier, citron, lemon curry, deep lemon.

Feng shui tip. Lemon is said to be a symbol of purity and youth. Hues of Lemon yellow shades strengthen resistance so use it liberally in family spaces, patios and entertaining areas. But keep it out of the bedroom.


Across the world, the family of greens is seen as tranquil and refreshing. Associated with beauty and new life in many cultures and religions, green is known as the colour of growth, renewal, regeneration and prosperity. Lime, also known as lime green, lime-green, or bitter lime, is a color that is a shade of bright green.


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Variations: Lemon lime, chartreuse, apple green, arctic, volt, electric, French, kiwi

Feng shui tip. The ideal location to use green is in the skills/ knowledge, family/elders, and health areas – so the study and lounge may benefit. Use it in the bathroom to promote peacefulness and tranquility.

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