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African Art Inspirations for your Home

African Art Inspirations for Your Home

If you are aroused by the wild, and would like to lend a trendy organic feel to your space— look no further! African decor is just your calling! The **** floors and furnishings, and handmade tribal artifacts give your crib a down-to-earth contemporary vibe. Natural elements like wood and stone, a warm colour scheme, and exotic animal prints establish your tasteful inclinations. Read on to discover more…

African Furniture

Decorative bones and horns form a major part of African furniture. Give your room an eclectic look with sofas, chairs, and ottomans steeped in the wild enamour of Africa. Combine with animal print tapestries on the walls and simple geometric motifs on the furnishings to make the stark furniture designs stand out in style. Opt for an African-drum coffee table to seal it with a kiss!

African Masks And Rugs

Rugs that showcase animal stripes are trademark of an Afro-inspired decor style. Zebra, giraffe, tiger, and leopard prints on rugs take centre-stage. Masks made and worn by tribes like Masai are a rage these days! Hang them on your walls for an exotic look, or use them as accent pieces across your hallways and passages.

Colour And Contrast

Bright hues and warm colours form the base of African colour scheme. Burnt sienna and warm oranges play gleefully with bright yellows and ravishing reds. Muted walls and floors maintain a fine balance, while liberal use of wooden and earthen artefacts express the style more beauteously.

Using Natural Materials

Wood, stone, earthenware, and bone artifacts are integral to African decor. Bowls, baskets, vases, trays, and rustic stools can give your rooms a whimsical touch, while woven baskets and handicrafts of the tribes of Africa will cinch the look!

Flora And Fauna

The influence of Nature is well observed in Afro-decor style. Wood like ebony and mahogany spell magic, while foliage and plants bring in the magnanimity of Nature inside the house. A truly tropical experience awaits!

Use of Geometric Prints

Stark, simple geometric motifs lend a contemporary, urbane feel to your space. Plenty of squares, hexagons, and bricks abound on the wall art, tapestries, and furnishings. You may combine with woven cane and grass furniture to ooze an ethnic, modern appeal!

Revel in the exotic simplicity of African decor elements as you embrace this decor style for your home!