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Antilla: A Case Study in Luxury

Antilla: A Case Study in Luxury

When India’s richest man completed his astonishing and extravagant mansion, the world got it’s most expensive house: Antilla. Antilla brings together the dream and the vision of the dwellers. It is the purest expression of uber luxury living and a sight of sheer admiration. Surprisingly, this Indian architectural structure got it’s name from a mystical island ‘Antilla’. This 27-story, is a fusion of prime location, exquisite architecture, and exceptional comfort.

Magnificent or Grand?

Antilla is a statement in luxury which have been designed by Chicago based architects, “Perkins and Wills’. A whopping staff of 600 people have made this house earn the title of “The Taj Mahal of the 21st century”. The mansion includes an extravagant collection of 6 parking floors, 3 helipads, and 27 habitable floors. The luxury amenities include a movie theatre, numerous lounges, health club, a stunning pool, and a four-story open garden.

The Royal Haute

The interiors of the ballroom is a breathtaking sight with crystal chandeliers covering the ceiling. A royal staircase glorifies the way to the ballroom. The completely furnished lobby has nine elevators to enhance the comfort and take people to their destinations. What’s interesting is that no floor is alike. But you can find two motifs: the sun and lotus, throughout the house in forms of different decorative materials.

Palace of Prestigious Art

This 500-foot skyscraper has got a garden too. The space holds “W” shaped beams that not only supports the building, but also create an open-air atrium. Hydroponic plants or fixed trees decorate the outdoor patio near the health club. The floor also gives a chill burst with an ice chamber infused with artificial snow-flurries. Every floor holds a different themes. Thanks to the varied beauties of the world!

Billion Dollar Home

The lounges truly reflect the fashion taste of the Ambanis. Opulently crafted mirrors with finely woven Indian rugs, the chandeliers, and the dark woods portray a minimalistic approach. The bathroom is yet another good example of Native India with lavish features and distinctive elements.

Get inspired from this cantilever tower to add luxurious touch to your home. This house is a blend of contemporary polish and a traditional flair.