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Bar Bar Dekho with these 9 Tips

Raise the bar to make your home the hottest party destination in town. We tell you how.

Questions to ask: How often will the bar be used? How often do you entertain? Are the parties big? How much space do you have? What’s the budget?

Almost anything at home can be a bar – a closet, console or a counter. Or else, get a bar unit from a home store or get a carpenter to craft a piece for you.


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Whatever your parties may be like, every bar needs an assortment of glasses. Put together a selection – highball (tall) glasses, beer mugs, pint glasses, martini glasses, wine glasses and champagne flutes.

Invest in a basic bar set comprising a cocktail shaker, strainer, jigger, bar spoon and muddler. Other must-haves include an ice bucket, crusher or hammer, scoops, tongs and a lemon squeezer.

Smart coasters, pretty quarter plates (for snacks), swivel sticks, napkins (cloth and paper), and stylish toothpicks are ideal accompaniments.

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Space for a snack buffet nearby works well for evenings when you have friends over. Create enchanting tablescapes with old decanters and fancy glasses.

Good to have if you have the budget and space are a small blender, a dedicated refrigerator, and – the cherry on the cake – a coffee machine that helps transition from late nights to early morning.


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Create the perfect setting to enjoy your drink by employing the right kind of lighting. Tap soft yellow lighting, lamps, dimmers and recessed lighting.

Don’t forget the power music wields over an ambience. Install a stereo system and put together a collection of foot-­tapping and romantic music.

Clink your glasses to cement old friendships and celebrate new ones. Salud!

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