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Bed and Breakfast in Paris

Bed and Breakfast in Paris

Bring in a dash of romance, a touch of vintage allure along with some contemporary magic to your interiors when you do up your apartment in the Parisian style. Famous for its coveted fashion sense and sophisticated charm, the same flair reflects in Paris homes too. Add that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ as the French refer, to experience the bed and breakfast experience of Paris. Let us borrow few style tips to recreate your space the Parisian way.

Shabby Chic Style

The home décor style in a typical Parisian home tends to focus on making “opposites” work. Blending in the classic and modern décor styles work to get a distinctive look. For example, you may find abstract art paired with antique lighting or a timeworn flooring decorated with plush sofas and opulent upholstery. Mix of old and new, vintage style offset with urbane chic furniture is what sets the wheels rolling.

Daubed in Non-colour

Paris homes are known for spacious, uncluttered look. With white washed walls reflecting more light, the home seems brighter, fresher, and more inviting. Apart from lending an enduring charm, the colourless walls also places more visual emphasis on the contents of the room, making it a key ingredient in enhancing the aesthetics of the space. Use black to accent the room for a timeless appeal.

Attractive Floor Coverings

Parisian homes are known for showcasing beautiful rugs on the floor that not only protect the antique wooden base but also dampen echoes and muffle noise. Bright coloured carpets or patterned rugs make the rooms look more vibrant against the white walls.

Down to the Last Detail

Nothing screams out Paris more than the opulent and intriguing details. Be it textures on the walls and ceiling, engraving on the furniture, or rich upholstery – devil is in the details. Stone finishing touches and wooden beams in kitchen and living area give the rooms a warm, rustic appeal, characteristic of French homes. Architectural detailing, carvings on fixtures, hint of gold, and antique neoclassical fittings lend a demure charm to the space. Bring elements of fashion with plush fittings, modern art, and flea market exotic charms to enhance the dramatic quotient. However, when it comes to Paris apartments, less is adopt the minimal décor style steering clear of clutter.

Play and break the rules of décor with confidence to discover the whimsical charm of a Paris apartment. Go high on vintage while including suave, stylish accents to enhance the elegance of the place.