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Bring Home a Chaise Lounge

You want to put up your feet and relax but you can’t quite find the chair to do it. Time to bring home a chaise lounge.

The American alteration of the French chaise longue ( which literally means long chair), a chaise lounge can be your best friend when you want to get your rest and relaxation.

The first long chair – the blend of a chair and daybed – is said to have originated in Egypt. The chaise lounge also makes an appearance in Greek vignettes, with gods and goddesses lounging in this kind of chair. The Romans adapted this chair for their banquets where reclining was a part of the meal.

In modern times, the chaise lounge comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. The only commonality: It’s an upholstered sofa in the shape of a chair and is long enough to support the legs.

Get any kind you like – it’s a wonderful additional to family spaces. It can be used to sit, lie down, recline, read a book, watch telly, or simply snooze.

So have you made friends with this comfy lounger yet?

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